National Volunteer Week April 18 – 24, 2021



American teacher and humorist, Leo Rosten, said it best: “The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.”

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week we pause and think about the volunteers who very willingly donate their time and efforts to Lamar Area Hospice and thank them for making a difference.

“National Volunteer Week is our chance to recognize and thank the many generous and caring individuals who give the gift of their time and talents. We know fully well how busy they are and how fortunate we are to have their support. Our Volunteers offer many dimensions of support including fundraising, service on the Board of Directors and valuable professional support to our staff.  Volunteers cook meals, crochet prayer shawls, read, sing and play music for our patients, offer respite for the family and sometimes just sit and visit. The list is endless as to what our volunteers will reach out and do for our patients and their families. We are humbled by their love and commitment to Lamar Area Hospice and the work we do,” said Deb Pelley, Executive Director.

Thirty-eight years ago Lamar Area Hospice was founded and manned solely by dedicated volunteers. The role of the hospice volunteer has changed, as hospice has grown and changed, but the commitment and dedication by volunteers is a constant. They were and continue to be the backbone of this organization. Join us this week in expressing and showing our appreciation to the following people for their invaluable contributions to Lamar Area Hospice and the community as a whole.

Professional Consultants; Dr. Hilton Ray, Medical Director, Darren Robbins, Physical Therapist, Joyce Reedy, Dental Hygienist and Doris Hemphill, Wound Care Specialist.

Board of Directors; President, Joyce Reedy, Vice President, Val Emick, Secretary, Shari Oxley and Directors, Clay Peacock, Coleen Tinnes, Mike Lening and Cherie Willhite.

Patient Volunteers; Dianne Shelton, Mary Dyess, Joyce Surprise, Linda Jones, Jared Crabtree, Mary Lou Cook, Jo Estep, Roy Gueswel, Raul Morales, Joyce Reedy and Arliss Spinks.

Fundraising Committee; Rose Ann Yates, Denise Carder, Cheryl Preisser, Lisa Farmer, Patti Emick, Kim Burgess, Melonee Marcum, Shirley Smith, Lisa Carder, Kynlee Vigil, Gretchen Emick and Holly Burton.

Angel Open Golf Tournament Chairmen; Ron Reedy and Phil Dieterle.

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