Court Case Rules in Favor of Lamar Utility Board

Repowering Project Coal Domes


Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, reviewed the utility board’s lawsuit again SECPA which had a ruling on April 16, 2021.  The three main take-aways from the judge’s decision were:

Southeast Colorado Power Association (SECPA) shall cease and desist from providing service to well #7 which is owned and operated by May Valley Water Association.

LUB is authorized to offer May Valley the option to reconnect with well #7 to LUB’s service or self-service.

The PUC cannot order SECPA to pay compensation to LUB for serving well #7 illegally since March 4, 2020 because the PUC does not have jurisdiction to award compensation in this case.

Altitude Energy completed construction of 2-H structures which were burned in a wetland area between CR 17 and 18 in Bent County on March 28th.  The superintendent told the board that Arkansas River Power Authority, Las Animas and Black Hills Energy have requested the plant wheel power to Ft. Lyon, Las Animas and Phillips Station near La Junta starting May 20th through September.  The request stems from a planned line upgrade by Black Hills on an existing line, the construction of a new line from Boone to La Junta and the addition of a power transformer.

Lamar crews finished the construction of 1,200 feet of single phase, 24.9 kv power line to Gateway Park to provide electricity to the new kayak building being built on pond #3.

Hourieh noted there were seven entries for the 2020 LUB/ARPA $1,000 Scholarship.  Four were from Lamar and three from McClave.  There were no submissions from Wiley this year.  The board will supply two members to act as judges to review the student’s compositions. He also noted that an important segment of the demolition of the Repowering Project will begin early next month.  The take down of the Coal Conveyor over Maple Street is scheduled for next Monday May 3rd, where Maple St. will be closed for at least two days depending on the weather and not having wind in excess of 20 Mph.

Conveyer Spanning Maple Street

The Lamar Utility Board approved $80,406.40 of purchase orders which required action, from the total of $91,328.86 for the month.  Bills totaling $710,957.59 were also approved for payment during the April 27th meeting.

Working under the annual budget, the board approved the bid from Bendpak of $16,696 for a truck lift and bridge jack.  Bendpak was selected from three bids considered.

The first quarter financial report for 2021 shows cash is down $961,320 from December and accounts receivable decreased by $77,064.  Total operating revenue for the month or March is $1,011,059 against operating costs of $901,047 for gross operating income of $110,013.  Total operating revenues for the year are $3,156,161 and total operating costs are $2,674,668 resulting in gross operating income of $481,493.  When the non-operating revenues and expenses are taken into consideration, there is a net loss of $186,481 year to date.

By Russ Baldwin

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