Roof Work Continues on Lamar Community Building



The new roof on the Lamar Community Building should be completed by mid-April, according to Craig Brooks, Lamar’s Chief Building Inspector. Weathercraft Companies from Garden City, Kansas is about 60-70% completed on the project. Project bids requested by the City of Lamar in 2020 on the project were sent to ten area contractors for work which included the roof area covering the gym, the flat area on the west and the upper storage closet area. Three bids came back ranging from between $444,658 to $294,140. Weathercraft’s bid was $399,688 and was selected in part because the lowest bid didn’t include a total amount.

The project entails removing the old roofing down to the sub deck and adding insulation. Brooks said insulation was not required when the building was originally constructed. Records indicated that was in 1951.

Other changes include upgrading from an asphalt roof to a standing seam metal roof, new cap flashings and the TPO roofing on the west flat roof. The community building’s leaking roof was partially fixed in 2019 with a temporary repair job, performed by Total Roofing for $15,450.

By Russ Baldwin

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