Sage Ann Higbee Named Good Citizen of Lamar High School


Sage Ann Higbee, daughter of Donald and Angie Higbee is the DAR Good Citizen for Lamar High School.

Sage serves as president of the Student Council and the Bully-Prevention Committee. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa and the Lamar High School NoteAbles where she created dances for the performances and sang. Sage is also a FBLA member which has allowed her to compete at the district and state levels while receiving awards. She is a member of the Lamar High School Cheer Team averaging sixteen hours a week as a team member.

Sage has made a difference in her efforts to serve the community through all of her organizations but her passion was the ‘Bully –Prevention Committee’. One of the activities was creating homeroom lessons for students to attend. The lesson was to spread awareness about bullying and promote kindness. Sage also was engaged in a back-to-school barbecue for students and faculty, created Valentine cards for residents of the local nursing home, involvement with Toys for Tots plus created and delivered sweet treats or kind notes to outstanding members of the community and school.

Sage created a website and brochure to educate and spread awareness to people about mental health through the University of Chicago Summer Immersion Emerging Rural Leader Scholar Program. She was recently employed at Lamar Estates, a local nursing home, until COVID-9 pandemic and has worked as a dance teacher at (nonprofit) at All The Right Moves Dance Studio.

Sage said in her application while describing the qualities of a DAR good citizen, “I can vividly remember days where I worked 12 hour double shifts, just to go home and study for an exam. Although I was exhausted, my coworkers relied on me to come in to work on time, prepared, and ready to give my full effort-which is just what I did. I am involved in numerous leadership positions, such as being a dance teacher/captain and student body president/head girl. Holding these positions, I have found that with great power does indeed come great responsibility.”

In her essay Sage writes, “I believe actions of respect and kindness that good citizens convey are crucial to moving our nation forward. These actions create a safe environment in the workplace, school, or peer group. I believe the good citizens of America truly value and practice the golden rule: ‘One should treat others the way they wish to be treated’.”

Sage plans to pursue the study of medicine and become a physician to educate and promote good health and well-being. She is mostly interested in pediatric and internal medicine. Finally, she says, “I am more than excited to start a family of my own after completing my education and establishing a stable career. I hope to raise children who exhibit qualities such as those a DAR good citizen may contain.”

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