Colorado Mtr Vehicle License Plate Update from PC Clerk & Recorder


On the night of October 14th, 2020, CCi and the License Plate tag plant were shut down due to a positive COVID-19 result. CCi will be shut down until health officials assess the situations and clear them to open. All production of license plates and registration products has been halted i.e. specialty license plates (print on demand) and personalized license plates etc. State Motor Vehicle services is working closely with CCi.

January 6, 2020:

CCi is only permitted to operate with a crew of less than what is required to manufacture and produce license plates and products to include print on demand and personalized license plates. The limited crew have been able to complete some portions of the plated orders but are extremely backlogged. If you purchased a specialty license plate (print on demand) or a personalized license plate and your temporary registration permit is expired or about to expire and you have not received your license plate from the State Motor Vehicles Division then you will need to contact the County Clerk & Recorder’s Office, so that they may issue another temporary registration permit which will be due to the CCi shut down. At this time there has been no confirmation as to when the CCi crew will be able to process all the backlog of license plate orders.

Please keep this backlog of license plate orders in mind when choosing a license plate for your new vehicle purchase. There is a good supply of the regular green and white license plates in the County Clerk & Recorder’s Office that we have on hand. Call to make an appointment at 719-336-8011.

Thank you,
Prowers County Clerk & Recorder
301 S. Main St., Ste. 210
Lamar, CO  81052
(719) 336-8011

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