Sec of State Griswold Certifies Colorado 2020 General Election


DENVER, Colo- Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold today certified the 2020 General Election, thereby making the results of the election official and final. The certification was conducted after each county’s bipartisan canvass boards submitted their official abstract of votes to the Secretary of State’s Office, as well as the conclusion of an automatic recount in the race for 18th Judicial District.

“The 2020 General Election will be remembered as one of the most challenging and successful elections in our state’s history,” said Secretary Griswold. “Colorado rose to the challenge of executing a successful general election during a pandemic by adding access and safeguards. Over 3.2 million Coloradans made their voices heard, setting the highest record number of voters participating in any election held in state history. We are tremendously proud of this success, and I commend my staff and county clerks offices for all their diligent work this year.”

After the election, the Secretary of State’s office worked closely with Colorado’s county clerks to complete a risk-limiting audit state-wide that provided a high level of statistical confidence in the results of the election. After the audit, each county’s bipartisan canvass board certified the election results in each county. The canvass boards then submitted the final results to the Secretary of State’s office, including the recount results from the 18th Judicial District. The election is now deemed official.

In addition to a record number of voters participating, Coloradans also embraced the new initiatives that the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office introduced for the election, including statewide BallotTrax and Txt2Cure. A total of 1,771,523 voters (53.8% of all ballots returned) enrolled in BallotTrax. Meanwhile, a total of 11,085 voters utilized Txt2Cure to conveniently cure any signature discrepancies.

The official breakdown of voter turnout is as follows:

Total voter turnout:     3,291,548

Mail ballots:               3,092,903

In-person ballots:       198,645

Democratic:               1,020,321

Republican:               941,313

Unaffiliated:               1,276,834

Other:                         53,080

Female:                       1,683,598

Male:                           1,554,730

Unknown:                   53,220

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