What You Need to Know About Luv Bucks (Corrected information)



The Lamar Chamber of Commerce has prepared a seasonal shopping promotion that involves the use of Luv Bucks. More details on this promotion will be made available shortly, but in the meantime, here are some facts about their use and how Luv Bucks will help our local economy when you shop in Lamar.

Luv Bucks are local currency which can be spent at any Lamar Chamber of Commerce business. Luv Bucks are like cash. Buy a $15 item and pay for it with $20 in Luv Bucks and you’ll get $5 in cash in return.

They may not be deposited at various local financial institutions, nor may they be redeemed for cash with the Chamber of Commerce.  (This is a corrected point from the original article).

Regarding Banks:

Luv Bucks may only be deposited into Business Accounts by a merchant and individuals may not deposit them into personal accounts or redeem them for cash.

More details about the local holiday Luv Buck promotion will be announced shortly.

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