Dear Editor, Salvation Army Bell Ringers Making Alteration this Year -(corrected mailing address)


Wow! It’s been quite a year this year! And as we head into the last leg of it, we realize that we’re not quite done yet. As the result of our county’s COVID-19 numbers as well as the subsequent coin shortage, the Lamar Colorado Ministerial Alliance has decided to not hold the annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing campaign this year. That doesn’t mean that the need to help has disappeared. If anything, we recognize that the need will probably be greater than ever next year.

In the first 9 months of 2020, the Ministerial Alliance has assisted over 1300 people—well over 500 families which include well over 450 children. We’ve kept people who found themselves in overwhelming financial crisis from having utilities disconnected. We’ve helped people who were desperately behind on their rent. We’ve helped people who needed medications and who couldn’t afford them. If there was a need, we did our best to try to find a way to meet that need. With the help of other organizations and the generous gifts of the people of our community, we were able to distribute over $151,000 in those nine months. There is no guarantee that the additional funding sources we were able to tap into are going to be there next year.

We’re setting a goal this year of trying to raise $30,000. And since Bell Ringing is our only fundraiser, we do each year, we are counting on you to help us out. LCMA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. All of your donation will be helping the less fortunate. 90% of it will stay right here in Prowers County.

If you are shopping at Walmart, you can make your donation right at the cash register this year. Just rounding up to the next dollar can make a big difference in someone’s life here in Prowers County next year. And if you are shopping at Safeway, you can make a difference by helping out Sparrow House by doing the same thing.

You can also mail in your donations. Make checks out to LCMA. Send them to Caring Center, ℅ Greg Ausmus. 1001 S Main Street, Lamar CO 81052. There is also our GoFundMe page where you can make donations as well. That can be found at You can also search it out by looking for “LCMA helping People in Prowers 2021.” Every little bit counts. We need your support. If 300 people in our community donated $100 each, we’d be there before Thanksgiving. Please prayerfully consider how you can help your neighbor in need.


God bless you all,

Darren Stroh,|
LCMA President

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