Granada Preps for Potential Housing Development


With two employment opportunities for the community on the horizon, Granada Trustees discussed the need to have town-owned property appraised as the next steps in a housing development project. Trustee Traegan Marquez said this would be the first step in determining a fair price for the land in question.

Cameron Nolder was discussed as the appraiser for the land which lies west of the town park. An earlier discussion by the Trustees estimated the price for a survey of Granada’s streets and alleys in the neighborhood of from $40,000 to $60,000, a project which would also help to make future housing and business development a reality.

Trustee Tyndan Marquez is contacting Stephanie Gonzales, Executive Director of SECED and Cheryl Sanchez, Executive Director or Prowers Economic Prosperity for guidelines and contacts for grants to help defray the survey costs. A meat packing plant has been proposed on town-owned land near Camp Amache and discussion continues for a state-operated letter sorting operation for Granada by the Prowers County Commissioners.

The Trustees approved a three-year contract to have the town’s two water storage tanks inspected; the insurance claim on repairs for the town complex’s awnings damaged by hail was approved by the Trustees as well as the renewal for health insurance for town employees. The Trustees authorized $600 for new street sign posts in the town and approved building permits for Lola Ortiz, Rumaldo Vega, Javier Mejia and Jerry Ibarra.

Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty noted in his monthly report that residents in the vicinity of South Inge Street near the Amache Road are dealing with discarded pallets, doors and other large items which need to be removed and several ‘Stop’ and ‘Dip’ signs need replacing. The department has zero calls for animal control in July, but August had nine.

The Trustees will announce specifics for a special town meeting for later this month once it has been determined that all interested parties will be able to attend.

By Russ Baldwin


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