Equipment Removal Underway at Lamar Light Plant

South Plant Scheduled for Demolition



The process has begun for the eventual removal of the Lamar Repowering Project along North Second and East Maple Streets in Lamar. For the past two days, a crew has been breaking down the Light Plant’s gas turbine, a five-megawatt Merc 50 unit which was purchased by Quantum Power. They subcontracted the transport to another firm which has been taking the equipment out section by section on a series of heavy-duty semi-trucks since earlier this week. Buyers had been sought for the Project for several years while the equipment has lain idle even since it was determined the coal-fired plant could not live up to its expectations.

Doing the Heavy Lifting

A representative for Quantum, which has had its crew in Lamar since the end of August, said the gas turbine has been sold to a firm in South Carolina. The turbine will head to Florida first for a general cleaning and control refitting. It won’t be used by a municipality as was the original purpose for the Lamar Light Plant, but to a power generating group which will use the turbine to reduce used tires to their basic components for recycling and reuse.

One Piece of the Project Moving Off-Site

While the final dismantling was underway on Thursday, August 24th, the Arkansas River Power Authority board, ARPA was holding its monthly meeting. The logistics for demolishing and removing the coal fired plant and domes was discussed, a project which will begin shortly this October and will continue into June, 2021. It is estimated that the north plant demolition will be finalized by February, 2021.

Turbine Generator Compartment Being Eased in Place

The conveyer system on the north side of Maple Street, the boiler and stack on the south side of Maple and two domes on the north end of the property on the north side of Maple Street should all be removed by the end of June, 2021. The exact dates for the removal of the coal domes has yet to be determined.

Repowering Project Coal Domes

Maple Street will be closed for about two days which the overhead conveyer tube which spans the road is taken down. Signage to detours will be posted five days prior to the work. There should be no loss of power or other utilities to any neighboring residences while the demolition is underway.

Project crews will be on site Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 6pm and Saturdays from 7am to 5:30pm. Updates on the project will be available on the ARPA website: and at

By Russ Baldwin

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