Letter to the Editor: Colorado Mask Mandate


I am aware that people are upset over this mandate. I am also aware that one size does not fit all. Pueblo has reported low hospitalization to three patients and Alamosa has reported one patient. Other areas are not so fortunate. This is a 30 day mandate and if it will help move forward keeping businesses open and possibly move forward additional openings to our economy, then I will wear a mask. At this time, I believe this is data driven and not political. The choice is yours to comply and help open economy or resist. Listed below are the exemptions.

Senator Larry Crowder
Colorado State Senate District 35

Exemptions to mask order:

  1. Individuals who are hearing impaired or otherwise disabled or who are communicating with someone who is hearing impaired or otherwise disabled and where the ability to see the mouth is essential to communication;
  2. Individuals who are seated at a food service establishment;
  3. Individuals who are exercising alone or with others from the individual’s household and a face covering would interfere with the activity;
  4. Individuals who are receiving a personal service where the temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to perform the service;
  5. Individuals who enter a business or receive services and are asked to temporarily remove a face covering for identification purposes;
  6. Individuals who are actively engaged in a public safety role such as law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel;
  7. Individuals who are officiating at a religious service; or 8. Individuals who are giving a speech for broadcast or an audience

Colorado State Senator Larry Crowder
District 35 Southern Colorado

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