Lamar Library Announces Writing Contest Winners, COVID-19 Restrictions Remain

Lamar Library


The Lamar Library is accepting ten patrons at a time and social distancing will continue to be in place. Reservations are required for most services including use of computers. Your full name, email and phone number will be asked of each patron using the library. Masks will be required to be worn during the library visit until further notice per instructions from Governor Polis.

The use of the library is restricted to 45 minutes, which begins at the top of each hour. If you come in late, you must still leave at a quarter to the hour which staff begins to clean the library for the next arrival.

Walk-ins for books will be allowed only if reservations are not full. Vulnerable patrons may use the library from 9am to 10am and masks will be needed for this period. Families of six may reserve the library for up to 45 minutes for private use.

Congratulations to the 2020 Writing Contest Winners:

Kristina Fiene: Fiction/Adult

Abby Robbins: Fiction/Youth

Caro Hedge: Non-Fiction

Katrina Machetta: Poetry

Delano Britt: Six Word Story-Pendemic

Katie Smotherman: Short Short Story, Week 1

Makeal Hook: Week 2

Devyn Smotherman: Week 3

Caro Hedge: Week 4

More library information is available at 336-4632.

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