Welding Student Project Installed at LCC

LCC Welding Project on Campus


(Lamar, CO) – A welding installation was erected on the Lamar Community College (LCC) campus this Spring. Concurrent enrollment students in LCC’s Welding Program completed a learning-based project on campus to create a large “LCC.”
Each letter weighs between 300 and 400 lbs. They are made from ¼” plate metal, and were finished with petenia. The letters are located west of the dorms near the student gazebo.
“The letters are such a nice touch to the campus,” said Dr. Linda Lujan, LCC president. “The workmanship is remarkable and it offers a great photo opportunity for prospective students.”
The students who created this project are from Lamar High School, McClave High School and Wiley High School. Each student welded their initials on the back of the second letter. The installation was completed prior to social distancing guidelines were in place.
The public is invited to drive through campus and view the installation.

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