Prowers County Hospital District Board Announces Karen Bryant as CEO for Prowers Medical Center


Karen Bryant, PMC Chief Executive Officer

LAMAR, COLO. — The Board of Directors for Prowers County Hospital District announced today that Karen Bryant will serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Prowers Medical Center, effective immediately. Bryant previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the health care organization and has served as Interim CEO since September 2019.

“Mrs. Bryant has the experience, leadership skills and passion for the mission, values and vision of Prowers Medical Center that make her the right choice at this critical time to serve as CEO,” said Julie Branes, Board Chair for the Prowers County Hospital District. “She has been and continues to be a champion for Prowers Medical Center both within the organization and in the community.”

Since joining the Prowers Medical Center team in 1992, Bryant has held several roles, but most recently COO. In that role, she provided oversight of Operational and Support Services departments, planned and coordinated community outreach functions, assisted with the execution of educational opportunities and quality management processes throughout the hospital, and many other tasks. Prowers Medical Center is a certified CMS Critical Access Hospital and was named a Top 100 Critical Care Hospital in 2017 and 2020.

“The hard work, camaraderie, and dedication that our Team demonstrates on a daily basis in an effort to provide quality care and the best overall patient experience is something that we all are very proud of. I look forward to continuing this healthcare journey as we are thoughtful and strategic about the many opportunities before us,” Bryant said.

“The Board is thankful to Mrs. Bryant and the entire team at Prowers Medical Center for their efforts during the COVID-19 crisis,” Branes continued. “While we all adjust to the present challenges, we look forward to the future and meeting the health care needs of the community. With Mrs. Bryant working with the accomplished team at Prowers Medical Center, we can confidently face the challenges ahead.”

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