Early Christmas for Lamar Animal Shelter

Cheyenne Spady and Dr. Amy Kessler Arrive with Gifts




Not many people would want a set of scales as a Christmas present, but Sarah McCloskey was happy to receive one this past Thursday, December 5th. It wasn’t for her, though.

Sarah McCloskey with Scale

The Lamar Animal Medical Center presented a needed scale to the Lamar Animal Shelter after learning the shelter did not have one. The doctor’s pitched in and Dr. Amy Kessler and Cheyenne Spady delivered the gift-wrapped gift in person.

Test Run

McCloskey, shelter manager, said the scale will be put to good use, specifically as a means of tracking an animal’s overall health through its weight gain or loss. “We accepted one really thin and underweight dog a few weeks ago and we really didn’t know if it was that way because of malnutrition or a separate health issue. The scales will be able to tell us if one of our animals is keeping weight on or loosing some weight where we couldn’t make that assessment just by looking at it,” she explained, adding that all future dogs will be weighed on their first and last days at the shelter to provide a more accurate health record.

Long Time Volunteer, Marina Osier

When asked if there were some other items the shelter would appreciate for the holidays or any time of the year, McCloskey didn’t waste any time with an answer, “We have found some inexpensive wrap-up blankets at Walmart’s that are inexpensive, and help keep a dog warm when it stays in its pen. We can also use peanut butter, lots and lots of peanut butter. It will never go to waste as the dogs really like it when we can add that as a diet supplement or as a treat.”

The shelter is equipped to hold 16 dogs total and the City of Lamar recently approved an agreement to accept dogs from Las Animas when space allows in Lamar. Similar agreements are in effect for Holly, Granada and Springfield. After five days those dogs belong to the City of Lamar and can be adopted out to a family.

Contact the shelter if you have any questions. ​ The hours are 8 am – 5 pm, Thursday-Monday and can be called at 719-336-8769. If you see an animal running at large, call dispatch at 719-336-3977.

By Russ Baldwin

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