Colorado’s 2019 Coordinated Election Is Official


Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced today that the state’s bipartisan canvass boards have submitted their official abstract of votes, thereby concluding the 2019 Coordinated Election.

“Over 1.5 million Coloradans voted in this year’s election, a considerable turnout for an odd-numbered year,” said Secretary Griswold. “This demonstrates that Coloradans are engaged and want to help determine the future of our state. I’d like to recognize and thank everyone who took part in this year’s election, and I’m particularly proud of the tireless work put in by our elections division team.”

Last Wednesday, the Secretary of State’s office worked closely with Colorado’s County Clerks to complete a risk-limiting audit state-wide. After which, each county’s bipartisan canvass board certified the election results in each Colorado county. The canvass boards have submitted the final results to the Secretary of State’s office and the election is now deemed official. There are still a handful of recounts in local and municipal races, which are not conducted by the Secretary of State’s office.

The official breakdown of voter turnout is as follows:

Total voter turnout:     1,577,485

Mail ballots:               1,557,115

In-person ballots:       20,353

Provisional ballots:     17

Democrat:                   511,254

Republican:               538,515

Unaffiliated:               509,092

Other:                         18,624

Female:                       815,226

Male:                          750,265

Unknown:                   11,994

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