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Getting in Touch with Nature

The following articles are a recap of various news events which have had an impact on residents of Prowers County this past year.

Council Relaxes Water Restrictions – Notes Butterfly Proclamation

The council has approved Resolution 19-04-02 which modifies Stage One water restrictions in light of the easing of the drought situation and improved water well levels over the past year. Public Works Director, Pat Mason, explained the change will eliminate Friday as a non-watering day and extends daytime watering hours by one hour through the week. Users can now water up to 11am and after 6pm seven days a week. Before, watering was restricted between 10am until 6pm, the hottest portion of the day.

Lamar has been selected by the National Society of Butterflies as Monarch City, USA and a live Monarch Butterfly release is scheduled for the downtown Pocket Park on Wednesday, May 1st at 2pm. The proclamation noted the drastic decline in North American numbers, dwindling in the mid-1990’s of more than one billion, a drop of 90%. Studies have shown the drop is attributable to the destruction and loss of summer breeding habitat in the US and loss of winter habitat in Mexico. The proclamation, designating May of Each Year as Milkweed for Monarchs Month, encourages the Citizens of Lamar and Americans in general to plant native nectar plants to provide the needed blossoms and weeds that provide needed nutrients each year.


Colorado to Host 2020 Presidential Primary in Super Tuesday

Governor Polis and Secretary of State Griswold announced March 3rd, 2020 as Colorado’s new presidential primary date:

DENVER — Today Governor Jared Polis and Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced March 3rd, 2020 as the new date for Colorado’s presidential primary. The two were joined by leaders from the Democratic, Republican, Unity, American Constitution, and Approval Voting parties.

“Our Super Tuesday primaries will be a tremendous opportunity to participate in democracy and for Coloradans to have their voices heard by presidential candidates in all parties,” said Governor Jared Polis. “We are proud of 2018’s record turnout, as well as Colorado’s status as a leader on voting rights. We hope to build on that momentum by participating in a primary along with other Super Tuesday states to ensure that all major candidates listen firsthand to the concerns of Colorado voters.”

In 2016, Colorado voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 107, which restored primary elections in Colorado in presidential election years. The state was previously using the caucus system.


Council Addresses Homeowner’s Property Value Concerns

Blight or a simple shabby appearance of buildings in a city can also occur in the suburbs, as evidenced from the concerns expressed by several Lamar residents who make their home in Willow Valley. While that neighborhood isn’t troubled by abandoned or derelict houses, there have been complaints that some homes, and more of them over time, are found with large RVs or campers parked in driveways. And not just those items, but more boats and trailers and other rec-oriented vehicles are taking up permanent or semi-permanent residence with home owners.

From the council’s discussion of the issue, there appears to be a ‘slippery slope’ in either direction. There’s a possibility that property values can be impacted by close proximity to something like a permanent 35 foot RV parked on a front yard, or as many as five cars parked at one residence. By the same token, some council members expressed concerns that it would be difficult to start enforcing every infringement on the code enforcement books. “There may have been some residential push-back against all these codes when they were first enacted over 30 years ago which is why they aren’t being stressed to that same degree in this decade,” was one explanation. The homeowners, Jack and Kim VanHook as well as Michelle Crown, asked that at least some of these codes be put to use to help improve the look of their neighborhood. They distributed several photos of various homes all with some form of camper, RV or other rec vehicle in evidence throughout Willow Valley to provide an example of their concerns.

By Russ Baldwin

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