2019-2020 Water Year Begins in Colorado

October 2018 Drought Map



The State of Colorado began its 2019-2020 study of our drought situation this past Tuesday, October 1st noting that nearly 70% of Colorado is in the lowest level of drought classification, D-0 or ‘abnormally dry’.  This classification registers for 596,000 residents in the state or 12% and covers 42.4% of Colorado.  The only other classification now indicated, D-1, or ‘moderate drought’ impacts 2,712,000 residents and makes up 54% of the state’s population and covers 27.5% of the state.

South central and southwestern Colorado have moved into the D1 moderate level and is where the drought can be most severe.

The D-0 or abnormally dry classification describes short-term dryness slowing planting and growth of crops, shows some lingering water deficits and pastures or crops are not fully recovered. The D-1 or moderate drought classification describes conditions showing some damage to crops and pastures, some water shortages are developing and voluntary water-use restrictions are requested.

D-2 describes severe drought, D-3 is extreme and D-4 is exception drought conditions.

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