Gov. Polis Announces Boards and Commissions Appointments


Arkansas River Compact Administration

The Arkansas River Compact Administration was created to administer the provisions of the compact which was created with respect to the waters of the Arkansas river. The administration shall cooperate each state charged with the administration of water rights and with federal agencies in the systematic determination and correlation of the facts as to the flow and diversion of the waters of the Arkansas River…for a term expiring August 16, 2023:

Scott “Lane” Malone of Holly, Colorado, a resident of, and water right owner, in water district 67, reappointed.


Ground Water Commission

The Commission determines the boundaries of designated groundwater basins by geographic description and considers well permit applications for persons desiring to appropriate designated groundwater for beneficial use. The Commission is responsible for the development of policies and procedures for maximum economic development, as well as the protection of the vested rights of the designated groundwater basins of the state…for terms expiring May 1, 2023:

Blake Austin Gourley of Springfield, Colorado to serve as a resident agriculturist from the Southern High Plains Basin, reappointed.

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