Basic Agenda for Lamar Utility Board Meeting

The Lamar Utility Board approved $14,685.86 in purchase orders from a total of $33,234.92.   Payment of bills amounting to $1,176,175.74 was also approved during the September 24th meeting.  Power purchases from ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority, for what may be the last time this summer, were over the million dollar mark at $1,055,432.08.

Total operating revenue for the month of August was $1,696,480 with costs at $1,306,953 for gross operating income of $389,526. Net income for the month was $139,499.  Total operating revenues for the year are $9,196,442 and total operating costs are $8,475,185 for gross operating income of $721,258.  With non-operating revenues and expenses factored in, there is a net loss of $581,274 year-to-date.  Retail sales for the year is down 13% and overall operating expenses are down approximately 3%, year-to-date, comparing that time period to 2018.

The Utility Board continues to be receptive to letters of interest from prospective members. The board has been without a full complement of members since early this past summer.  Contact the City of Lamar for information regarding an application for consideration.

The utilities board finished their meeting with an executive session to receive legal advice on specific legal questions regarding contract negotiations.

By Russ Baldwin

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