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Doug Carrigan



Advanced Treatment Center at 800 East Maple Street in Lamar, owned by Doug Carrigan, held a by-invitation open house for those associated with the corrections program in Lamar and Prowers County this past Wednesday, September 11th.  The Lamar facility, which opened in late spring, is one of four Advanced Treatment Centers with others in Montrose, Alamosa and Sterling, Colorado.  The Lamar facility is housed in what was formerly known as the WPA buildings, constructed during the Depression in the late 1930s.  A portion of the complex has been refurbished to accommodate residents who are undergoing various treatment and restitution programs as proscribed by the Division of Criminal Justice in Colorado.  The other section is comprised of staff offices and general support facilities such as dorm rooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

Western Wing

Carrigan, who spearheaded the project’s development for several years, praised the efforts of the Prowers County Commissioners for their assistance in the renovation work, “I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered a municipal group as hungry as these people to help realize economic growth in their community.” He added, “I also want to thank Byron Hall from the local probation office for the role he played in helping the community understand our goals and what we are all about.”

Resident Bunks

ATC Transition program assists those clients that are transitioning out of the Department of Corrections and show the potential to succeed in the community, but could benefit from the treatment and supervision offered residentially at ATC. These individuals are still considered “inmate” status and are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections. Depending on their progress, these clients are working towards “parole” status. These clients must be accepted by the county community corrections board prior to acceptance.

When Under Construction-Materials Removed from East Maple Street Property

Looking towards the future, Carrigan said he hoped to begin working with IRT, Intensive Residential Treatment clientele. This provides a 90-day intensive treatment plan for those with a history of substance abuse.  “There are no other obligations required of them, no need to find a job in the community as the other residents.  The IRTs focus on how to think about their drug dependency and little else for the program.”  He said he hopes to have a dozen at the Lamar ATC in the near future.

Referrals for IRT are accepted from the Division of Criminal Justice, Colorado Department of Corrections, or a Probation Department. Lamar now has 21 clients in the program with about 15 employees, all of which but one are from the local area.

Carrigan told the gathering, “Our situation brings home the fact we have a housing shortage in Lamar. We expect to offer outpatient treatment which will require housing for those without a residence in town and because we employ credentialed workers, it’s a savings to have them hired from the local work pool first and then train them for certification as there’s less likelihood they’ll move away.”

Staff provided guided tours of the facilities of which only about 50% of the property has been repurposed. Program Director, Josh Goldberg explained that the middle section of the five buildings is being used for some equipment storage as well as a weight room for the residents.  “We plan to incorporate some additional landscaping to the middle grounds and that still leaves the two southern most buildings available for future development.”

By Russ Baldwin

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