What Do You Cook in Dutch Ovens?


Two Entrees on the Coals


Have you ever tasted food cooked in Dutch ovens, the cast iron pot?  If you have or not you should come see the Dutch oven Exhibition August 8 from 2 pm till 6 pm in Elmer’s Garden, Prowers County Fair grounds.  You will see and taste food prepared and cooked in Dutch ovens as in the old days on the Santa Fe trail.

There will be several teams consisting of an experienced cook with several students including some youth participants.

Slicing and Dicing

Last year some of the participants were county commissioners, Lamar mayor and radio personalities.  You ask which ones? Come out to see who is ready to test their skills at preparing great food.

Dutch Oven Cooking Display

The experienced cooks are from southern Colorado which have competed in chuckwagon cooking contests in Colorado, Texas, ,Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

Each team will receive the same ingredients and will come up with a dish that will be amazing to taste.  There will be a main dish made from hamburger. Last year there were some very interesting meat loaf,  beef stroganoff and taco dishes created; also some potatoes that were so good and then the best peach cobbler you ever tried was available for every one sample.

So make sure you mark your calendar for August 8 from 2 pm till 6pm.   Free Samles will be available beginning at 5 pm.  From 2 until 5 you can watch, participate, ask questions, listen to some history of Dutch oven cooking and find out how easy it is to cook meals in an iron pot.

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