Horning Sentenced on Sexual Assault Charges

Prowers County Courthouse


Michael Horning, age 69, of Lamar, Colorado, was sentenced in a plea agreement in Prowers District Court to jail time, fines and probation. Horning had been charged with sexual assault on a child, 15-17 years of age by one in a position of trust.

An affidavit was filed in July, 2018 after the mother of the youth informed the Lamar Police of her suspicions that her son had been assaulted by Horning when her son was between the ages of 13-17 years of age. Horning was arrested in June, 2018 by the Lamar Police and was originally charged with sexual assault on a child by one in the position of trust, sexual assault on a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The sentencing hearing was held Monday, May 6th with Judge Stanley Brinkley presiding and the people were represented by Jennifer Swanson, former District Attorney for the 15th Judicial District in Colorado. 

Following a review of the charges and a written statement delivered by Horning to the victim and the court, Judge Brinkley sentenced Horning to 90 days in jail of which 57 had already been served, leaving 33 days remaining on incarceration. Brinkley noticed that the court had accepted a guilty plea this past February.  Horning had requested work release consideration for his local business, but that determination will be up to Prowers County Sheriff Sam Zordel.  Brinkley also sentenced Horning to a minimum of between ten years’ to life probation, he must register as a sex offender, pay $20,000 in a suspended probationary fine, and close to $10,000 in additional fines and any contact with the victim is prohibited.

Horning was led from the courtroom in handcuffs and taken to the Prowers County Jail to begin serving the remainder of his sentencing. The victim and members of his family were present in the courtroom for the sentencing hearing, but he did not make a statement.

By Russ Baldwin

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