Trooper Tips – “In a Perfect World”


Trooper Tips – “In a Perfect World”


In my perfect world there will be no more crashes involving injury or death. There will be no more crashes on our roadways, period.

In this perfect world of mine, distracted driving will be a thing of the past. No more will we see people driving while texting.  Drivers will not eat while traveling.  Drivers will focus more on watching the cars around them, and less on the conversation they are having with passengers.

There will be no more speeding. Drivers will read and obey the speed limit signs.  Drivers will give themselves enough time to get to work in the mornings and understand that others will be on the road at the same time also trying to get to work.  They also won’t be upset when there are construction delays because they have planned for it.

There will be no more following too closely. There will always be enough space between cars so when something causes the vehicle in front to suddenly stop, the vehicles won’t hit each other.  Drivers will let others merge into the lane in front of them.  The driver merging will always use their turn signal, and not force their way into the lane.  They will also always wave a “thank you” to the other driver.

On two lane roads, drivers going slower than the speed limit will occasionally pull over to let traffic pass safely.

Road rage will disappear due to the increase of respect for fellow drivers.

Bad weather will be observed by good driving. Drivers will slow down to speeds appropriate for the conditions.  When it rains, hails, or snows, drivers will make sure not to endanger themselves or others by driving carelessly for the conditions and stay home when it was too bad to drive.

Vehicles will have tires that always have enough air pressure, and correct tread depth to help stay on the road because they have been checked at regular intervals throughout the year. Windshield wipers will be new, and have the ability to wipe the water off for better visibility.  In snow storms, all of the snow on the vehicle will be cleared off prior to leaving the driveway.

Seatbelts will always be used and used correctly. Child safety seats will be new and installed properly.  When unsure, drivers will have them checked out by a professional.

In my perfect world, driving will once again be an enjoyment and a way to get from point “A to B” safely and not something that ends in crashes with property damage, injury, or death.

In my perfect world and this world, this is an attainable goal!

As always, safe travels!

By Trooper Gary Cutler

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