PMC Begins MRI Project, Orthopedic Surgery Prepares for Patients



The Prowers Medical Center Board of Directors are considering two finalists to construct a new and separate building to house the hospital’s MRI unit for patient imaging scans. A letter of engagement for the selected contractor will be issued and the preparation for the building site will soon follow.  PMC Chief Executive Officer, Craig Loveless, told the board during its March 27th meeting, the work is expected to begin in May with completion by October.  Loveless was realistic regarding the timetable, adding, “There will almost always be a delay of some sort and we can be prepared for that.”  He added that roofing replacement work at the hospital will overlap with the MRI building construction.

Board President, Julie Branes, explained, “Eight contractors recently conducted a walk-thru and a main contractor will be selected from the submitted bids for the roof project.” She said because of the dual projects, work space will become constricted at times with the majority of the work taking place on the north side of the hospital.  “One project will concentrate on the west of the red storage building and the other will be on the east,” she added that parking areas will be at a premium and a staging plan will be developed to accommodate all the equipment that will be needed for the projects.

Loveless noted that Dr. Bryan Bomberg, Orthopedic Surgeon, has been on duty for just  two Mondays and has scheduled three operations, with a number of potential future patients already in his clinic. “We really didn’t expect to be moving this quickly with these numbers, but operations for knee joints and shoulders have already been scheduled.  We’re continuing a search for an orthopedic physician’s assistant and we’ve interviewed a strong candidate and they should be on site in early April for a visit with us.”  Loveless added that Dr. Bomberg’s own PA has accompanied him to Lamar at the start of his practice and has been working with staff for surgery procedures.  It was noted that some orthopedic staff from Prowers Medical Center has traveled to a hospital in Nebraska to become acquainted with surgery procedures.

The hospital is following up on a two year study for what is known as Platelet Rich Plasma Injection, designed to help alleviate joint pain. Blood or plasma contains red and white cells as well as platelets which aid in blood clotting.  They also contain proteins which can help heal injuries.  In the procedure, blood is extracted from a patient which is spun in a centrifuge and the concentrated platelets are injected into a troubled spot such as tendinitis, as well as ligament or muscle injuries.  Loveless said Dr. Ray will begin studies on the procedures in April and will learn what equipment will be needed and associated costs.  The CEO said some local studies will be required to determine if there is enough demand for the hospital to go through the steps required to offer the new service.

Micaela Aguilera, RN and Administrator for hospital’s Home Health Program gave the board an annual overview during their meeting. The hospital provides health care to PMC patients in their homes.  The services include skilled nursing, physical and occupational therapy as well as speech therapy for those in need.  She said a March 2018 license certification inspection was conducted by the state health department and for the second year in a row, the program was rated deficiency-free.  There were 6,969 visits conducted in 2018 with skilled nursing accounting for 5,667 followed by physical therapy at 421, occupational therapy at 102, speech at 21 and there were 758 home health aide visits.

By Russ Baldwin

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