Letter to the Editor: HB 1177


I am very proud of the citizens of Prowers County for the stand taken regarding HB 1177. On March 11, they came to defend the Constitution of the United States from encroachment by the State of Colorado.

HB 1177, as proposed, is another attempt to extend the power of the government over its citizens. The intent of HB 1177 may seem to some as a measure to keep citizens safe.  In practice, it is rife for abuse by all who believe that only government may have firearms.

The increasing attacks on the God-given rights outlined by the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are overt examples of the state seeking to place us all in the world described by Orwell in 1984.  It is not unprecedented.  Hitler, Stalin and others have done it before.  The current trend toward socialism can only lead to disaster.  Socialism is nothing more than a predecessor to Communism.  History knows where that leads.

Sincere thanks to the citizens and Board of Prowers County Commissioners for taking a stand against HB 1177.

William Rich
Hasty, CO

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