Granada Moving Forward with Water Tank Grant




Granada Trustees and Mayor Glenn Otto discussed an application for a DoLA water grant to fund a new water tank for the town. Otto has been in talks with a representative from the GMS engineering firm which alternated between a new water main system for Granada and a new water tank.  Otto suggested the town didn’t want to take on a new financial obligation that would come with a new water main system and the GMS engineer and DoLA, Department of Local Affairs representative suggested the new tank, between 219,000 and 100,000 gallons would be a better fit for the town.

Police Chief, David Dougherty, provided information to the Trustees on using the Lamar Animal Shelter as a holding facility for Granada’s lost or stray dogs. “We’ll transport them to the Lamar Shelter for $20 and they’ll keep the dog for five days.  After that, it becomes the property of Lamar where they will try to find a home for the animal, or return one to its owner if they can be found,” he explained.  Dougherty added this situation will apply only when the Lamar Shelter has space to take an animal.  The shelter has a maximum capacity of 16 dogs and Granada has no facility to hold strays or lost animals.  On other matters, the Chief said the JAG grant has been approved which will cover the cost of a full-time police clerk and there was discussion on sending summonses for violations of the town’s nuisance ordinance.  One property in particular has been in violation for a mound of trash, wood, branches and debris on South Inge Street.  The property belongs to an absentee owner and Dougherty has been in contact with them in the past.  He said the maximum fine he can levy on this instance is $411.

Almost all of the town’s street lights damaged by last year’s hail storm have been replaced. Maintenance Supervisor, John McMillan, said 86 lights were damaged, but of those, only six were new ones recently purchased by the town.  The Trustees voted to accept a bid of $14,700 for repair work to the Complex roof.  The work should take only a few days to complete.  Talk about replacing the ceiling tiles of the Complex were left with a ‘wait-and-see’ if the repairs take care of any water leaks before proceeding with replacement tiles.  The town is soliciting for bids for seasonal park maintenance for the new year for six months.  The bids should be in to the town clerk by March 12, the day before the next Trustees meeting.  Eric Depperschmidt, Executive Director of Prowers Economic Prosperity,  invited the Trustees to the annual PEP meeting set for March 4th at the Shore Arts Center in Lamar.

By Russ Baldwin

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