Construction Projects Underway in Lamar

Advantage Treatment Center on East Maple Street



A visit to parts of Lamar indicates some people are busy this mid-winter. The pace has increased at the community correction facility, known as the Advantage Treatment Center on East Maple Street.  Mark Carrigan, who is handling most of the renovation project for the former WPA facilities, said he expects the eastern most wing to be ready for limited occupancy sometime in early March.  “The front area of the complex is going to be landscaped and a lot of the utilities are being installed right now,” he explained recently.  Once the residents are in the new area, most of the construction focus will be on the western front wing which will contain some offices and a dining area similar to what you’d find in a self-serve breakfast area in a motel.  “At the outset, the plans call for men residents only,” he stated.

Barracks Living Area

The living area will be an open barracks of bunk beds.  Hiring for the Center is already underway.

Concrete Pads Just North of Skateboard Area


Two concrete pads have been laid just north of Wheels Park, an area where two pavilions will be erected in Willow Creek Park. The Lamar City Council recently approved the bid on the two structures which will offer seating and shade for any skateboarders as well as those residents and visitors who are using the newly developed Lamar Loop, also expected to be finished by mid-March.

Ballantyne Construction


The new Ballantyne Vision Care facility at 1607 South Main Street should be in operation by mid-April, replacing the current facility on East Olive Street.

Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church at the Corner and South 6th and West Olive is getting a facelift to the front entrance.  Workers have been busy for the past few days, scraping and sanding away the aging paint on the columns at the front entrance of the church.  The foundation and cornerstone of the current building came in 1907 and the annex on South Sixth Street was purchased in 1963.  Following the 1965 flood, that building was replaced in 1970.

By Russ Baldwin

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