Holly Commercial Club Anticipates News for 2019 ‘Pedal the Plains’ Event


Holly is unofficially one of three communities in southeast Colorado that will be included in the annual Pedal the Plains bike-riding event that is set this year for September 13-15th.  The specific announcement about this year’s course, that involves an estimated 1,000 bike riders, will be held on January 19th in Denver.  Lamar was a host city for the event in 2013.

Club members met on Wednesday, January 2nd for a brief discussion on what the event will entail for the community.  Club members expect a lot of volunteers will be needed to handle the logistics as one of the three communities involved.  The other two to be named are Springfield and Lamar.

The last meeting minutes, the treasurer’s report and the Holly Shopper report were all approved and there was a discussion of payment for new dues for 2019 by Club members. John Golden will be the new treasurer for the Commercial Club and will take steps to avoid any conflict of interest with his business for check signatures.

The next Holly Commercial Club meeting will be February 6th at noon at the United Methodist Church

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