Why We Blame Victims for Domestic Violence – Contact Domestic Safety Resource Center



Victim-Blaming Makes Survivors Afraid:

It took one victim 12 years after leaving her abuser to identify as a survivor.

“I was afraid of being shamed and judged,’ she says. ‘There’s still this stigma…a reluctance to believe women’s stories. And I think that hasn’t changed. We need to believe women when they tell their story.”

What Victim-Blaming Looks Like:

“Not to disclaim her/his accusations, but where is the paper trail to back up these allegations? There wasn’t any mention of police reports being filed.”

Why didn’t she/he report it to the police?

Many survivors don’t report abuse to the police because they’re afraid of retributions from the abuser, Also, many times, abuse is not physical-it’s psychological, emotional, verbal or financial, and these types of abuses are not often seen in the eyes of the law as “illegal.”

She’s/He’s obviously looking for attention/fame/money/retribution.

Abusers often craft a situation ahead of time to paint the survivor as troubled and the abuser as the competent hero trying to help her/him. It’s all part of the power and control that abusers try to exert over victims, even after he/she reports abuse.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of Domestic Violence help them reach out to Domestic Safety Resource Center. Domestic Safety Resource Center, PO Box 953, Lamar, Colorado 81052, (719) 336-HELP (719) 336-4357.


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