Letter to the Editor from PMC Hospital District Chair

Prowers County Ballot Issue 7A seeks to eliminate the term limits set by the Colorado Constitution for the Prowers County Hospital District Board. These term limit restrictions were broadly applied to elected boards in the state to prevent a problem that truly does not exist.

In our republic, we have a system of term limits. It’s called elections. When citizens believe a person has occupied a position long enough, they have the option to vote them out. Term-limit laws limit the voters of this responsibility and this power. Mandated term limits prevent voters from being able to keep officials they like. Term limits can leave unfilled vacancies on the Board as it is increasingly difficult to find individuals willing to serve in this capacity.

Additionally, most individuals elected to the hospital board require training in the specialized and complex nature of healthcare delivery. Restrictive term limits often remove individuals from office just as they have gained the experience and knowledge to serve our community effectively. Attrition on elected boards, such as the Prowers County Hospital District Board, occurs naturally creating vacancies for qualified persons to seek appointment or election to the Board.

There is an opportunity for individuals to be elected to the Board by the voters at each election cycle. Elections are where the power should be in our democracy. Citizens, if you think someone has been in office long enough, take your power to the voting booth rather than relying on term limits to create attrition. Please join me in voting yes on Prowers County Ballot Issue 7A.

Julie Branes,
Prowers County Hospital District Chair


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