Dear Prowers County Neighbors,

Dear Prowers County Neighbors,

This year’s ballots start heading our way on October 15th. Some people think “mid-terms” aren’t important elections, but that idea couldn’t be more wrong!

Think of this as OUR chance to have the final say in who gets ‘hired’ for official state jobs that will absolutely affect our real lives. It’s crucial for everyone to vote, AND to be sure to vote all the way down the ticket.

Those little jobs with the funny titles are way more important than most people think! As just one example, let me recommend Jena Griswold for Secretary of State. The person in this role is the one protecting your right to vote. I must say I was quite displeased that the guy in the seat right now, Wayne Williams, was one of only THREE Secretaries of State nationwide who caved in to national pressure and gave OUR voting data–YOURS and MINE!–to a dicey (now disbanded under a cloud) upstart government group!

In considering who to hire for this job, I have to add I am not impressed to learn that Mr. Williams had admitted he’s been moonlighting, working as a private attorney (sometimes AGAINST the State of Colorado he’s supposed to be primarily working FOR!!) between 60-80 hours a month. If that’s his preferred work arena, maybe he should go do that full time instead of taking a salary for SUPPOSED full time work paid for by *US* TAXPAYERS!

Please take this information under consideration, and then vote for Jena Griswold when you mark your ballot in the coming weeks.

Susan Crites
County Road HH .7, Lamar

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