Lamar Chamber and Honkers Welcome New Motel Owners

Honker Holly Burton, Chamber Rep: Valerie Baldwin, Owners Donald and Jemalin Nordo, Chamber Director Jessica Medina


The Lamar Chamber and Lamar Honkers recently paid a welcome visit to new owners of the former Chek Inn, now known as Main Street View Inn and Suites on South Main Street in Lamar, adjacent to the Lamar Eagles Lodge.

Owner Don Nordo is remodeling the units and although the pool has not been opened for this season, he plans to provide upgrades to the motel as well as offer other amenities.  “I think it would be nice to have a kind of jungle gym or swing sets for youngsters as well as one of two barbecue grills set up so patrons can cook out during an afternoon or evening,” he explained, adding he’s looking for ways in which his motel can become a part of community activities.

The motel is open seven days a week and offers a complimentary breakfast of donuts, fruit and coffee.


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