Holly Fire and Ambulance Board of Directors Re-Appointed



The Prowers County Commissioners passed a resolution on Monday, June 25th re-appointing the current five members as directors of the Holly Fire and Ambulance District.  They are:  Robert Fletcher, Viola Melcher, Dale Seufer, Thomas Wagner and Janice Weisenhorn.  This act makes the board representation official as there had been no duly elected board for some time.

Following a Colorado Revised Statute, the board will hold a special election no later than December 25, 2018 for the purpose of electing members to the Board of Directors. Prowers County Clerk and Recorder, Jana Coen, said a tentative special election date will be set in the near future, probably sometime in October.  The election will allow for any other interested and qualified residents of the district to announce their candidacy.  The new board members will also be able to run for re-election.

Five board members will be determined by the election and two will serve until 2020 and three will serve until 2022. A drawing will be held to determine which of the five will serve the two different terms.

A comprehensive project initiated by Prowers County Commissioners over eight years ago was finalized with the approval of the County’s Personnel Policy which will take effect on July 1, 2018. Begun  around 2009-2010, the 51 page document outlines specific policies of conduct and information relating to job performance, expectations, illness, salary, vacation and sick leave, conflicts of interest, etc.  The County’s Financial Policy and Internal Controls Policy relating to departments and Constitutional Duties were also approved.

Worksite Agreements for Prowers County Useful Public Service were approved for Kiowa Albright Memorial Center, Prairie Pines Assisted Living and DSRC.

Annual rental agreements were approved for the County Annex and other buildings such as Prowers County Public Health and Environment, Kiowa County Public Health, Nurse Family Practitioner Agency and H3C, the Hotline County Connection Center which has grown in scope and employees since it was begun three years ago. Because of that H3C growth, the commissioners informed the Domestic Safety Resource Center that their office space agreement in the Annex will end on December 31st of the year.

In other action, the commissioners approved a special events liquor permit for July 7th for the Lamar Elks allowing them to host the annual Taste of Lamar event.

A grant application for $55,347 was approved allowing SECED to apply for funding for the Single Family Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program. SECED has assisted 284 funding requests since 1996.

By Russ Baldwin

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