Granada Receives Guidance on Golf Carts, Donates to PEP




The Granada Trustees were informed that, according to CIRSA, their risk policy carrier, they bear little liability for after-dark, golf cart accidents on the town’s streets. For several months, the Trustees have attempted to decide on an ordinance that allows residents to drive their golf carts on municipal streets as long as they are equipped with proper lighting or other safety features.  The one exemption they have been considering is to waiver that requirement for a lighted cart for Halloween night.  Apparently, residents will drive their golf carts around the community in the summer months, mostly, just as a way of getting outdoors, paying a visit or doing some limited shopping in the community.  There had been concerns expressed that, if allowed by ordinance, the town might be held liable for an accident.  The CIRSA information suggested that if the city was negligent it would have to be in the form of a missing stop sign or unattended pothole by way of a corrective action they failed to take which contributed to the accident.  An ordinance to meet these requirements is pending.

The Trustees voted to approve a $500 contribution to Prowers Economic Prosperity, PEP, to help contribute to the economic developments of the county and Granada. This is an annual contribution.

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment paid a visit to the community landfill earlier this week. The health department is seeking several locations in which to drill water testing wells at the landfill.  This will be paid for by the state.

In other action, the town will repair a water line for a resident who has lost pressure through the line. The Granada Complex will be rented on May 17th, May 19th and the 27th for all-day events.  Rentals in June are for the 23rd and the 30th, to date.

The next Granada Trustees meeting will be held on June 13th at 6:30pm.

By Russ Baldwin

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