Arbor Day in Lamar


5th Graders Receive Instructions


The Lamar Tree Board invites local 5th grade students to assist in the annual Arbor Day, tree planting event, this time at Spreading Antlers Golf Course.  Although Wednesday was windy, fortunately, most of the fierce, dust-laden gales were absent from the day before.

Tree Board President, Jane Felter, explained to the gathered students what their task would be, working with members of Lamar Parks and Rec Department staff, golf course volunteers, other Tree Board members and city staff.

Nine holes had been dug on the fairways earlier for convenience and the trees were already in place for the students to go to their assigned holes for the planting. There were about ten students per hole and shovels and other supplies were on hand for the afternoon chore.

Job Well Done!

Each student got a chance to shovel, water, fertilize and move aside some errant worms found in the dirt. Once each tree was planted, it was covered with earth as well as a semi-solid solution which helps retain water, some more dirt, some mulch and a weed retardant covering was the last to be placed on the new tree.  The entire process lasted about an hour and gave the students an idea of what is involved with maintaining the tree population in Lamar.

They weren’t done for the day, as once back on the busses, the next leg of the trip was to the tree farm to help plant several dozen seedlings that will help replace any older or failing trees in the city. Felter explained that the board received a $10,000 grant to purchase additional trees, as many as 63 over the next two years two serve as replacements for the ones which had been cut down.

By Russ Baldwin

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