Holly Commercial Club Meeting Notes

The Holly Commercial Club will attempt one more evening meeting on a quarterly basis following the evening meeting of February 7th.  The change was enacted to see if the later hour would be more amenable to members.  The next evening meeting has been set for 6pm on Friday, April 6th, depending on the school schedule.  The March 7th meeting will be at noon at the Holly United Methodist Church.

Four guests were present on February 7th:  Bob Walter representing AirMedCare Network, Jack Johnston from Southeast Colorado Power Association/SECOM and Bob DeLancey and Amy Jacobs from KVAY radio.  Each of the guests made a presentation on behalf of their organizations.

Anne-Marie Crampton from Lamar Community College discussed the approaching Rural Philanthropy Days event which will be held in Lamar June 13-15. She requested a small sponsorship token from the Commercial Club.

Jack Johnston told club members his company has been approved to install a high fiber optic network to members throughout rural Colorado.

The Holly Shopper Report was presented by John Golden, stating a $140 profit from the Christmas Card program and a year-to-date net income as of December 12th was $510.44.  Membership is current at 23 full members.

From Meeting Notes Presented by Jesse Frey



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