Prowers County Department of Human Services Honored with Performance Award

Award Presentation for DHS Staff Members


Reggie Bicha, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Human Services, presented a County C-Stat Award to the Prowers County Department of Human Services Adult and Family Services staff on Monday, January 22nd at the Prowers County Annex. The presentation was attended by various staff members, Lanie Meyers-Miriles, Director of Prowers County Department of Human Services and Prowers County Commissioners, Ron Cook and Wendy Buxton-Andrade.

Reggie Bicha Ex Dir of Colorado Dept of Human Services


Bicha explained that the C-Stat Awards are based on performance results for how quickly an incoming call for a ‘child in need’ or child welfare cases result in a department taking action. “The timeliness of an initial response for cases of neglect or child abuse cases is important to us and the C-Stat measures how quickly we can make sure kids are safe when parents or caregivers are unable to provide for them.”  He said the standard for a call to action is eight hours and the Prowers County DHS has achieved that.

Presentation of Excellence to Prowers DHS Ex Dir Lanie Meyers-Miriles

He added that the performances also aid to develop information that has an influence on proposals that help determine operating budgets and legislative proposals and policies to improve performance in the Department. One area is the addition of case workers with 215 added recently and another 100 have been budgeted for July. “If our legislature and next governor continue this trend, we should have 760 caseworkers in the next several years.”  Bicha added that Prowers County has been a performance leader in the state, maintaining a 100% C-Stat rating since the middle of 2016.

The Child Welfare Staff members receiving the award were: Courtney Holt-Rogers, Georgene Bennett, Jona Mills, Lauri Davidson, Jamie Tupper, Donna Guido, Rob Damiani, Heather Whisenand, Jake Harris, Becky Navarrette,  Lidia Benabides and Amy Rosengrants-Smith.

Prowers County Human Services Executive Director Lanie Meyers-Miriles received a plaque from Bicha who praised her accomplishments, stating, “This is a person who calls the right plays at the right time to maximize and make use of the benefits to people on their team.” He added that the plaque was signed by Governor Hickenlooper and Bicha on behalf of the C-Stat award and on the leadership she has showed on her remarkable team in Prowers County.

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