Pilot Travel Center is Up and Running

Patrons on Day One



“We’ve had a line of people coming in through the doors since earlier this morning,” said Center Manager, Kirt Jackson this past Saturday, January 13th.  Local residents have been watching the progress of the new facility since ground was broken and construction began this past July at the former TL Tucker buildings at the intersection of North Main Street and Colonia Avenida in Lamar.

Jackson has been with Pilot Travel for the past four years, most recently at their outlet in Grand Junction and prior to that in Utah and Idaho. “We have 80 employees including supervisors and just a few days ago, had a general gathering off all our local workers at the Lamar Community Building for last minute details,” he explained.

The new truck stop is a combination of a travel C Store, a fast-order PJ Fresh Restaurant and a Dunkin Donut franchise which features a drive-through window. Jackson said the Center can accommodate 46 parked semi’s to the rear of the facility.  “We see a lot of traffic between here and Dallas and that’s about a ten hour stretch, so a lot of drivers will take their rest period in this area,” he stated.  There are regular gas and diesel lanes out front along Main Street and fast-fill pumps at the rear as well as shower facilities for truckers.

The Dunkin Donuts store will be open from 5am to 10pm, the deli runs from 4am to 10pm and the C-store is 24/7. Jackson explained there are phone charger and computer hook-ups along the sit down counter at the glassed front wall of the store. “Drivers can come in and charge their phones, or even local students can come in, hook up their computer and do their homework with friends,” he explained.  He said a Lottery machine will soon be installed on the premises.

There are tentative plans for a grand opening ceremony this weekend for January 20th and exact details are being worked out.

By Russ Baldwin

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