Holly Trustees Seeking New Building Inspector, Table Truck Parking Ordinance



The Holly Trustees will soon begin to advertise for a new building inspector, following the acceptance of a resignation letter from Bobby Ward, who has held the position for the town since 2013. Ward’s last day will be at the end of March of this year.

The Trustees wanted another look at the draft ordinance prohibiting parking of trucks, truck tractors and trailers on any streets, alleys or leased or owned parking lots and public rights of way within the town limits. Discussion on the ordinance was tabled following the recommendation that the town attorney review the draft.

The landfill access agreement submitted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment was briefly reviewed, but no action was taken until the Trustees hold a telephone conference call with a representative of the CDPHE, scheduled for Monday, January 29th. The state agency is requesting access to the landfill to install groundwater monitoring wells, collect groundwater samples and for other related purposes.  The agreement spells out four areas of interest by the state in drill and install the wells at agreed-upon locations around the landfill; survey the wells to a common datum point including any existing wells; measure groundwater parameters and depths at all well sites and collect samples for analysis on a quarterly basis for two quarters each year and manage impacted investigation-derived wastes for proper disposal by the CDPHE.

The appointments for various committee seats in the town government were allowed to stand as is, pending future discussion on the outcome of the April 3rd elections.  Term limits for Trustees Johnny Lyons, Jacob Holdren, Anthony Moldenhauer and Mayor Tony Garcia are approaching.  The next Trustees meeting will be February 7th at 7pm.

By Russ Baldwin


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