County Coroner Joe Giadone Provided County with Annual Report

Prowers County Coroner Joe Giadone


Prowers County Coroner, Joe Giadone, provided the commissioners with his annual report on activities from his office during their January 9th meeting.

Giadone noted there had been a slight decrease in calls to the coroner’s office comparing 2017 to 2016. “We had 98 coroner calls for this past year, compared to 108 in 2016 and we had 10 autopsies ordered for 2017 compared to 11 for 2016,” he stated.

Answering a question on the circumstances under which an autopsy is called for, he replied, “They are essentially used to determine the cause of a death. I will confer with the attending physician and review their medical records to determine if one is required.”  He said in some instances in what appears to be a routine death, he’ll contact family members at an appropriate time and review the deceased’s health prior to their demise.  “If a heart attack is the apparent cause, I’ll ask if there were any corresponding symptoms noted by the family or health complaints by the deceased that could lead to a specific cause.”

Giadone said there are other physical examples that can lead you to determine a cause of death and he added, “Autopsies are mandatory for such events as a suicide, homicide or auto accident and the deputies are aware of the rulings and they’ll always inquire on the need to do an autopsy. They are also needed at times to avoid future litigation.”

Giadone said he is backed up in his office by Jeremy Burkhart, the Lamar Fire and Emergency Chief and his staff for next-in-line and Marge Campbell serves the county from the Holly area.

By Russ Baldwin



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