Revenues Up as Light Plant Nears Year’s End



With only one meeting left on the 2017 calendar for the Lamar Light Plant, Superintendent Houssin Hourieh provided October’s financial report for board members this past Tuesday, November 28th.

Total operating revenue for the month is $1,255,487 with operating costs at $848,143 resulting in gross operating income of $407,345. When the non-operating revenues and expenses are considered there is a net income for the month of $243,104.

Total operating revenues for the year are $12,851,376 and operating costs are $10,203,337 for a gross operating income of $2,648,039. With non-operating revenues and expenses taken into consideration, there is a net income of $1,235,964 year to date.

Compared to October 2016, retail sales are up 7% or $819,190 and operating expenses are up $361,145 or 4% resulting in a net income of$1,235,964 for the year.

The system operating report through October shows the three wind turbines have generated 8,970.31 MWH’s of electricity, about 3.4% higher than the same period last year at an average capacity of 28.48%. Hourieh said scheduled maintenance on all five turbines is being completed by the wind turbine crew.

Due to the recent settlement between the City of Lamar and Arkansas River Power Authority, ARPA, the utilities board should probably cancel the air permit that was issued in their name for the coal-fired, Lamar Repowering Project. “The annual cost is about $100-$150 to maintain it, but we can let it go in case at some point, someone in the area wants to apply for their own,” he explained.  A storm water permit was also included which would apply for any EPA concerns about potential contamination from a future project when some of the power equipment would be dismantled.  Hourieh said ARPA would have to apply for their own permit under their name if that time ever comes.  If the coal domes, which belong to the City of Lamar are dismantled, it would be after a five year period as called for in the settlement and ARPA would bear the expense of the project.

The final LUB meeting of the year will be held Tuesday, December 12th.
By Russ Baldwin

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