Follow Up: Regional Election Results


Several election races were held in southeast Colorado, other than the contests for the City of Lamar. School District Re-13 JT in Wiley had seven candidates for four board positions with Neil Mauch winning a seat with 209 votes, Josh Weimer had 161, Bradley Lubbers had 153 and Chad Krentz had 147.  They were followed by Danielle Wollert with 105, Jeremy Summers with 103 and Clint Bean with 62 votes.

There were three positions open on the Holly Re-3 School Board.   The voting was as follows:  Jesse Frey had 387 votes; Tanya Rushton had 259; Kevin Humrich had 224 to seat the new board.  Other candidates included:  Kenia Vazquez with 145; Sheila Tefertiller with 111; Monica Leiker had 100 votes, and Evan Brice JR had 78.

There were two winners out of three seats for the Springfield School District Board: Tyler Gibson had 382 votes, Larry Duncan had 362 and Pamela Crane had 262.  The Walsh School District had two winners out of three candidates:  Timothy Hume had 289 votes, Todd Randolph had 239 and Darlene Morrow had 142.

The McClave School District had four candidates for three seats. The winners were:  Jack Goble with 157 votes;  Justin Miller with 152; Terri Becket with 151.  Cecil Kiniston had 110 votes.

The Kiowa County voting was in favor of Proposition 1A with 350 to 201 and the Fire Protection issue was passed 342 to 272.

Jeffri Pruyn won the Mayor’s Race in La Junta with 1,023 votes against Edward Vela with 856 votes. These are unofficial results.

By Russ Baldwin

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