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Donors at Bonfils Location at Lamar Christian Church


“We are expecting 91 donors today,” said Karen Ketcham who was greeting and directing blood donors as they came through the door to the Lamar Christian Church this past Tuesday, October 17th. The church has been the headquarters of the Bonfils blood drive for several years and Ketcham said her business, Core Financial, has been coordinating the drive which is held in Lamar every other month.  “We’ve been streamlining the process by setting a schedule for the donors to arrive,” she explained.

Five Gallon Donor

A quick glance around the main room shows about seven medical couches laid out in a row with attendants checking in on the donors as their make their contribution. In all, the process, per person, takes about an hour.  Ketcham greets mostly everyone by name as quite a few are regular donors.  Two were observing their efforts with commemorative pins; Wiley Work received his six gallon pin on the Tuesday he was donating and Thelma Cole had received her five gallon pin.  It’s a process that is spread out over a number of months, a pint at a time as persons may donate whole blood only every 56 days.

Some donors fill out their application form, waiting for their chance on the couch, while others who have just donated are seated at tables, sipping some juice or nibbling on cookies or helping themselves to a bowl of chili, prepared by Robin Mosier of Core Financial.

As a wrap-up, Ketcham said that although there were 91 scheduled for Tuesday, there were some no-shows, “This tends to happen and it’s expected as not everyone can get free, but the appointments help streamline our visits.” She said one person was turned away because they didn’t have any form of identification with them and that’s a mandatory requirement.  Some people may be in doubt if they can donate because of their personal health status and the pre-check process gives them a yea or nay to be a donor.  Ketcham said that one of the reasons a person may be turned down is due to an iron deficiency in their blood, while some people who are on routine medications may donate.  “The nurses on duty have that information for any questions that may arise,” she explained, adding that the next donation time will be on Tuesday, December 19th.  Those who want to book a time can call Core Financial at 336-5550.

By Russ Baldwin

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