Granada Trustees Had Light Agenda for August Meeting

Granada Water Tower

Two items were tabled by the Granada Trustees during their monthly meeting, Wednesday, August 9th.  Mayor Glenn Otto said he would contact TBK Bank officials for additional information on future banking fees for the town and bring the information back to the Trustees.  Approval for a building permit for a proposed 30’ by 45’ foot shed on South Hoisington Street was also tabled pending specific measurements for the structure’s location on the property.  The Trustees approved a permit for placement of a trailer on South Irvin Street.

Mayor Otto reported there are no new developments regarding the town’s landfill status with the state health department. He is still taking steps and working with the Prowers County Commissioners to present their case to the Governor on how the anticipated costs of bringing the landfill into compliance will be an expense the Town of Granada cannot afford to bear.  Otto did report that the new employee for the landfill is working out well.

The Trustees approved the transfer of ownership from Sylwas’s Liquor from Choat Enterprises to Sylwas’s Santa Fe Spirits under the ownership of Casey and Jo Dorenkamp.

The Trustees discussed safety issues relating to motorists who fail to recognize that there is only one lane of traffic west and east bound through the middle of town. Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty, said he will look into placing signs in the area that specify that the areas adjacent to the curbs on either side of the highway are not for through traffic.  He and the Trustees have said they’ve seen motorists, mainly from out of town, who believe that because of the extra width of the roadway, are traveling on another lane of traffic.  Dougherty said motorists who are turning to the right off the highway could collide with another vehicle coming up from behind them.  At the same time, westbound motorists leaving the community, suddenly find themselves running out of road space on the outskirts of the town.  He’ll contact CDOT for additional information on posting warning signs on opposite sides of the community.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 3pm on Wednesday, August 16th, to observe the new street, sidewalks and other improvements on South Hoisington Street.  Granada school students and officials, CDOT representatives and other persons will be in attendance for the completion of the Safe Route to School project begun last year.  Approval for use of the Complex was given for events on August 26th and September 2nd.  The Trustees will meet in regular session on Wednesday, September 13th.

By Russ Baldwin


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