A Spray a Day Keeps the Skeeters Away

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The summer rainfall totals for southeast Colorado could contribute to mosquito growth, providing ample breeding grounds for the remaining summer months.

“August and September are generally the most active for mosquito breeding,” said Tammie Clark, Director of the Prowers County Public Health Department. “Because we’ve already been introduced to the West Nile Virus several years ago, we generally accept they’ll always be in our area from now on, so we don’t test for them anymore.”

She stressed the importance of the four ‘D’s when attempting to rid the area of mosquitoes and minimize your chances of being bitten. “Drain, Deets, Dawn & Dusk and Dress are the best programs to follow to help keep you or your family from mosquito bites,” she explained.  Drain any areas of standing water, and this includes abandoned tires or even upturned cans that can catch water on your own or nearby property.  Deets products are useful in repelling mosquito attacks and at least a 10% solution is adequate for defense.  Dawn and dusk are the two times of the day when mosquitoes are more apt to be ready to bite and Dress is making sure you’re covered with adequate clothing for the arms, wrists and ankles.

The City of Lamar carries out the local spraying efforts, usually around dusk and along alleyways throughout the town. Public Works Director, Pat Mason, said, “We have stuck to our weekly spraying and  larvacide schedule as normal. Hopefully residents are getting educated on the importance of eliminating standing water on their properties to avoid providing potential breeding grounds for the mosquitos. They say a coffee can full of water can hatch as many as 10,000 mosquitos in a season, so you can see how big of an impact each individual can have if they take the time to survey their property and eliminate potential sources of water for mosquitos to breed in.”

By Russ Baldwin

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