Hot Customs Gets Honkers Welcome

L to R: Ashley Brookshire, Victor Coberley, Holly Burton, Mary De La Virgen, Cassie Looper, Amber Hays, Val Baldwin, Jared Hays

Hot Customs, located at 414 North Main Street in Lamar, was given an official Honker’s welcome this past Friday, June 30th.

Hot Customs, a vehicle-oriented business for window tint and decal accessorizing, is owned and operated by Jared Hays.  In operation on a part-time basis for the past two years, offers custom window tint for any glasswork, vinyl-wrap and paint protection and according to Jared, Hot Customs can even deliver a custom built car for a client.

Hours are evenings after 6pm and from 8am to 5pm on Saturdays. Call at 719-688-8641.

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