Historical Show and Tell Coming to Big Timbers Museum


Kathleen Scranton, Big Timbers Museum Curator, briefed the Prowers County Commissioners about museum activities during her quarterly report on Wednesday, July 18th.    The Prowers County Historical Society is hosting an Antiques Road-Show and Tell evening on Thursday, July 20th at 7pm.  The public is invited to the free event which will feature an opportunity for participants to display family artifacts and heirlooms and offer a history on them.  Items include a 1930’s baseball uniform, a tiny doll, a recording of Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg played on a 1905 Edison and something called, the Bronco Beard.  The Society will host a Night at the Museum in September.

Scranton said the year-to-date visitor’s count at the museum is at 865, compared to the 2,204 in 2016 and the 2,327 visitors in 2015. She noted a group of historians toured the museum on June 19th and the museum was featured in Group Tour Magazine which is mailed to 15,000 professional group tour planners and nearly 10,000 domestic and international readers.  Summer hours at Big Timbers through August 31st are Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

The commissioners received the monthly treasurer’s report from Lorraine Woolley. May’s General Fund is up $36,879 from 2016 at $1,256,614.  The Sales Tax fund is currently $3,488,798 which is a drop of $1,305,964 from the year before.  It’s also down $1,524,059 from 2015.

For June, Woolley’s report showed the General Fund is up $152,302 from last year, at $1,466,205 and is up $156,184 from 2015.  Sales Tax receipts are at $3,641,456 for June of this year, which is down $1,302,680 from last year and down $1,507,450 from 2015.

By Russ Baldwin

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