John C. F. Luzader to Talk on “Living History”

Photo provided by John C. F. Luzader.

Long-time historian, John C. F. Luzader, will speak at the Bent’s Fort Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association monthly meeting on July 8.  The meeting will begin at 1 PM and be held at the Grand Theatre located at 405 S. Main St. in Rocky Ford, CO.

Having participated as a living historian as well as trained living historians, John Luzader’s presentation will center on the theme “Living Archeology on the Santa Fe Trail: Rediscovering the Past through Living It Today.”  Mr. Luzader writes:

“Our past is replete with daily life mysteries that provoke the questions, “How was that done?”, “Why did they do it that way?”. Though the tools and materials of the Santa Fe Trail might be known and identified through archaeological remains and illustrations, the manner of their use and how each is constructed may be incomprehensible to us today. Utilizing “living history” techniques and resources introduces research methods used in rediscovering how past cultures conducted their daily lives and performed specific labors, allowing us a better understanding of the people who traveled the Santa Fe Trail.”

For nearly forty years Mr. Luzader has been a participant, trainer, program assistant, planner and associate with Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site. Within the National Park system, Mr. Luzader has worked in parks illustrating American military involvement covering the years of 1836 through 1900 as well as civilian and colonial settlement and daily life. He has specialized in the American Fur Trade presenting, coordinating, and training staff, volunteers, and other personnel at Fort Union, ND, Fort Union, NM, Bent’s Old Fort, CO, Fort Scott, KS, Fort Learned, KS and more.

Don’t miss this fascinating and informative talk on bringing history alive.  The event is free and open to the public.


Membership in the Bent’s Fort Chapter is $15 per year.  To find out more about the meeting or the Chapter, please call Pat Palmer at 719-931-4323. The Bent’s Fort Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the Santa Fe Trail and to promote awareness of the historical legacy associated with it.

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