Busy Weekend for Lamar Area Hospice

Hospice Fundraising Committee, and the Gruber's with Pirate Party Donation Check

Hospice Fundraising Committee, and the Gruber’s with Pirate Party Donation Check

While the Back Yard Bash committee was putting together final plans for their Saturday, June 3rd event, fund-raising committee members for Lamar Area Hospice found time this past Friday afternoon to accept a $7,000 check from February’s ‘Pirate’s Night’ fund-raising event at the Buzzard’s Roost in Lamar.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee

This marked the 4th year where people got to party like a pirate at the Roost, raising funds through a silent auction for Lamar Area Hospice. Joe Malecki, who brought the idea to Lamar from a similar event in Telluride several years ago, said it seemed like a perfect fit and it has helped raise close to $25,000 since the annual pirate’s night was developed.

Shotgunn Lullaby

Shotgun Lullaby

The Back Yard Bash has been one of the principal events to raise funds for Lamar Area Hospice and over the years has changed its theme and setting to become a less formal and more laid-back event. Brisket and ribs were part of the main buffet menu, prepared by Robbie Sue Young and Bill and Greg Emick.  Saturday’s events included a silent and live auction held at a brisk pace by Holly auctioneer, Cody Johnson, at the Lamar Eagles Aerie and the backyard courtyard was set up for live music from the Shotgun Lullaby Band.  There was almost an equal measure of laughter and bidding as Johnson used his talents to eek a few higher bids out of the participants.  The meal and bidding was completed by 9pm, at which time the band, performing in the Eagles backyard garden, took over the entertainment for the rest of the night.

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